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Insurance that protects a vehicle owner from loss from a wreck or rollover is called
a) uninsured motorist coverage.
b) deductible coverage.
c) comprehensive coverage.
d) collision coverage.

Insurance that protects a person from losses due to injuries (s)he causes another driver, passenger or pedestrian is called
a) medical payments coverage.
b) bodily injury liability coverage.
c) collision coverage.
d) comprehensive coverage.

The most important factor influencing the cost of insurance premiums is
a) the estimated danger of loss based on the insurance company's past experience.
b) the value of the insured property.
c) the distance to the nearest fire department.
d) the insured's credit rating.

If Reba has a five-year-old TV destroyed by fire, and her insurance company pays the cost of a new television, she had
a) depreciation insurance.
b) replacement insurance.
c) liability insurance.
d) actual cash value insurance.

Real property is
a) property that you can see and touch.
b) property that can be transported.
c) property that is land or is permanently attached to land.
d) property of the mind.

The medical insurance portion of Medicare is often called
a) disability medical insurance.
b) long-term care insurance.
c) Medicaid.
d) supplementary medical insurance.

Which of these is NOT a type of permanent life insurance?
a) universal life insurance
b) whole life insurance
c) term life insurance
d) variable life insurance

Which of these pays the face value upon the death of the insured?
a) disability insurance
b) life insurance
c) health insurance
d) workers' compensation insurance

A written grant of agency authority is called
a) apparent authority.
b) implied authority.
c) power of attorney.
d) limited power of attorney.

The person or company buying an insurance policy is called the
a) insured.
b) beneficiary.
c) insurer.
d) policyholder.

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