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What did the anger management decide to do?
a) Meet more often
b) Become a support team for Bo
c) Do something special to thank Mr.Nak for all he's done
d) End the sessions

Who gives Wyrack's Team a bike Bo really wanted?
a) Coach Redmond
b) Wyrack's Dad
c) Bo's Dad
d) Mr.S

Who confronts and speaks with Bo's Dad, Lucas about being a father?
a) Mr.Nak
b) Mr.S
c) Bo's Mom
d) Mr.Redmond

What happened to Mr. Naks Children?
a) Ran Away
b) Died in Car Crash
c) Died of Sickness
d) Mother took them away for good

What item that helped Bo a lot when getting through the race?
a) Ultra Lite special bike
b) Special Shoes
c) Walkman
d) Both Walkman and Bike

Who is not supporting him at the race?
a) His Mom
b) Anger management group
c) His dad
d) Shelly

What Happened with Bo and School?
a) He got kicked out
b) He Graduated
c) He is continuing for one more semester in order to graduate
d) He dropped out

What was the result of the race?
a) He Won
b) He got disqualified
c) Came in Second
d) Came in Last

Who decided to get help?
a) Coach Redmond
b) Bo's Brother
c) Bo's Mom
d) Bo's Dad

Who left the anger management group?
a) Shelly
b) Bo
c) Mr.Nak
d) Elvis

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