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They ..... to school last week but they usually catch the bus.
a) walked
b) walk
c) walking
d) walkked

..... your friends for a ride last month?
a) Did you take
b) did you take
c) Did you took
d) Do you take

Andrew ..... to England last year
a) went
b) go
c) gone
d) going

..... their paper for the Science class?
a) Did they write
b) They didn't write
c) Did they wrote
d) They wrote

Michael Phelps ..... in the Olympic Games a few years ago.
a) swam
b) swim
c) swum
d) swimmed

No, the fight ..... in the playground.
a) didn't happen
b) didn't happened
c) didn't happenned
d) did happened

We went to the cinema and we ..... Harry there.
a) saw
b) see
c) seed
d) seen

..... last month in the south of the country?
a) Did it rain
b) Did it rained
c) Did rain
d) It rained

The plane ..... late at the airport.
a) arrived
b) arriveed
c) arrivved
d) arriving

John and Michael ..... to their ipods during the trip. They loved that music.
a) listened
b) listenned
c) did listen
d) listen

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