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Which of the following passwords is most SECURE?
a) password
c) Ib4ExaC
d) 123456

Which of these words means Faking?
a) Bombing
b) Hijacking
c) Cracking
d) Spoofing

Which of these is a piece of code that ATTACHES itself to an application program and secretly cause harm to a computer when you execute the program?
a) Virus
b) Spybot
c) Trojan
d) Worm

What can a surge protector protect a system from?
a) Viruses
b) All of the above
c) Denial-of-services (DoS) attacks
d) Power spikes

How does an antivirus software idenfity a malware?
a) Digital Signature
b) Virus Signature
c) Virus Certificate
d) Digital Certificate

A computer which has been attacked and controlled remotely by an outsider is known as ___.
a) bot
b) rootkit
c) ghost
d) zombie

A backup system used when there is power failure is ____
a) DoS
b) RSS
c) UPS
d) Bot

Which of this is a Wireless Security Standard that secures your Wireless connections?
a) WPA2
c) WIN

If I backup my entire harddisk, I am performing a ___ backup
a) restore
b) 3 generation
c) full
d) incremental

Using physical locks, security cameras can prevent ___
a) software theft
b) all of the above
c) information theft
d) hardware theft

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