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Who ever can be trusted with can also be trusted with
a) candy asparagus
b) pennies dollars
c) very little much
d) paper scissors

Our key word
a) Supwecalifragilisticexpiouladosiois
b) Superfluous
c) Incredible
d) Responsibility

Responsibility is showing you can be trusted with
a) what is expected of you
b) more than anyone else
c) doing you worse
d) not trying very hard

When the rich man lefdt he gave each of his servants
a) a good bye hug
b) a Bible
c) money called talents
d) clean pajamas

He gave one servant talents who earned more which equals
a) ten twenty thirty
b) hundred hundred two hundred
c) ten million ten million twenty million
d) five five ten

He.gave the second servant two talents who doubled his money He now had
a) four talents
b) six talents
c) twently talents
d) no talents

He gave the last servant one talent. the servant put his money
a) in the bank
b) in his car
c) in a hole in the ground
d) under his bed

In this Bible story a talent is
a) food
b) a game
c) a lot of money
d) a atype of cell phone

Who did Jesus say the rich man was like?
a) President Obama
b) A movie star
c) God
d) a Pro athlete

With what has God trusted us?
a) Our time
b) Our abilites
c) Knowing about Jesus
d) All the above

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