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Two chromosomes in a nucleus that carry genes for the same traits, but can specify different versions of the same traits, are called
a) homologous chromosomes
b) sister chromatids
c) homologous chromatids
d) sister chromosomes

A normal female has the genotype
a) XY
b) XX
c) X
d) Y

In a cell with a diploid number of 10 chromosomes, meiosis results in the formation of haploid daughter cells each with __ chromosomes.
a) 20
b) 40
c) 10
d) 5

___ initiates the diploid stage of the human life cycle.
a) Mitosis
b) Meiosis
c) Fertilization
d) The specialization of cells

In humans the ___ determines the sex of the baby because ___.
a) male...either an X or Y gamete will fertilize the egg
b) male...either an X chromosme will penetrate a female egg or a Y chromosome will penetrate a male egg
c) female...either an X or Y gamete will fertilize the egg
d) X chromosme will penetrate a female egg or a Y chromosome will penetrate a male egg

Different visible traits (blue eyes, straight hair, etc) is called
a) a karyotype.
b) a genotype.
c) an allele.
d) a phenotype.

The letters used to designalte the trait (ex: AA or Aa) is called a
a) genotype.
b) karyotype.
c) phenotype.
d) punnett square.

Different forms of the same trait (blond hair or brown hair) in homologous chromososmes is called
a) a karyotype.
b) an allele.
c) a genotype.
d) a phenotype.

The offspring of different varieties are referred to as
a) the F 2 generation.
b) the F1 generation.
c) a hybrid.
d) homozygous.

In a testcross, the organism with the unknown genotype is
a) crossed with a heterozygous individual.
b) always crossed with anthor individual of unknown genotype.
c) crossed with the wild-type individual.
d) always crossed with a homozygous recessive individual.

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