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As one moves farther and farther from the Sun, the distance between adjacent planets is _____.
a) smaller
b) greater
c) constant
d) none of these are correct

Which planet has surface features that are most like those on Jupiter?
a) Mars
b) Saturn
c) Uranus
d) Neptune

Which planet has a storm called the Great Dark Spot swirling in its atmosphere?
a) Saturn
b) Jupiter
c) Uranus
d) Neptune

Which of the following is true of the planet Jupiter?
a) It is made of mostly solid material.
b) It rotates faster than any other planet.
c) It is one of the four terrestrial planets.
d) It is further from the sun than Saturn.

Which of the following characteristics is evidence of the massive storms that can form in Jupiter\'s atmosphere?
a) the icy, rocky core
b) the thick bands of clouds covering the surface of the planet
c) the rings surrounding the planet
d) the Great Red Spot

Jupiter is composed almost entirely of gases and liquids, mostly
a) hydrogen and iron
b) carbon dioxide and iron
c) hydrogen and helium
d) nitrogen and water

Which of the following planets is furthest from the Sun?
a) Saturn
b) Neptune
c) Uranus
d) Jupiter

Which substances make up the liquid mantle of Uranus?
a) ice and rock
b) ammonia and helium
c) water, ammonia, and methane
d) hydrogen, helium, and ammonia

Uranus is most similar in size and composition to
a) Mars
b) Earth
c) Jupiter
d) Neptune

Why are Uranus and Neptune called the ice giant planets?
a) because of their oddly tilted magnetic fields
b) because these planets are furthest from the Sun
c) because they contain water, ammonia, and methane
d) because these planets have small moons that are made of ice

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