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Ceres is BEST classified as a(n)__________________.
a) asteroid
b) meteoroid
c) dwarf planet
d) Kuiper Belt object

If you saw a shooting star and were lucky enough to see where it landed, which object could you possibly pick up from the landing site?
a) Meteor
b) asteroid
c) meteorite
d) meteroid

In our solar system, where are most asteroids found?
a) in the Kuiper Belt
b) orbiting close to the Sun
c) between Mars and Jupiter
d) None of the above

What do we call a sand- to boulder-sized particle of debris in the solar system?
a) meteor
b) asteroid
c) meteorite
d) meteoroid

What do we call the visible streak of light created by space debris entering Earth's atmosphere?
a) meteor
b) asteroid
c) meteorite
d) meteoroid

What do we call an object smaller than a planet but with gravity too weak to form a spherical shape?
a) comet
b) meteor
c) asteroid
d) meteorite

Where is Ceres located?
a) past Pluto
b) in the Kuiper Belt
c) in the asteroid belt
d) between Neptune and Pluto

How many dwarf planets are believed to be in the Kuiper Belt?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 100
d) 200

Some asteroids can be found between the orbits of which planets?
a) Earth and Mars
b) Jupiter and Saturn
c) Mars and Jupiter
d) Saturn and Uranus

Which list correctly orders the lifecycle of a piece of debris as it passes from space down to Earth's surface?
a) meteor-meteorite-meteoroid
b) meteoroid-meteor- meteorite
c) meteorite-meteor-meteoroid
d) meteor-meteoroid-meteorite

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