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What is one of the main uses of satellites?
a) observing Earth's surface
b) finding life on Mars
c) looking for new planets
d) watching other countries

What is one main advantage of multistage rockets?
a) gas is propelled out of the rocket
b) it carried explosives
c) the total weight of the rocket is reduced as the rocket rises
d) it is where rocket technology began

What can a shuttle's payload bay be used for?
a) propelling rockets
b) carrying explosives
c) observing Earth's surface
d) to carry satellites into orbit

Experimental rockets were designed and built by who?
a) Robert Goddard
b) China
c) Neil Armstrong
d) Yuri Gagarin

What is an advantage of space probes exploring space?
a) they can carry explosives
b) they make fireworks
c) the small size of probes means less fuel is needed
d) it carried the first astronauts

Which of the following is NOT a space spinoff?
a) fireworks
b) joystick controllers
c) cordless powertooks
d) bar codes

What is a space spinoff?
a) a rocket
b) carry satellites into orbit
c) an item that can only be used in space
d) observing Earth's surface

What do gases expelled from the rear of a rocket do?
a) set off fireworks
b) carry explosives
c) push the rock in the same direction as the gases
d) push the rocket in the opposite direction as the gases

How does a shuttle return to Earth?
a) it lands like an airplane
b) it lands in a field
c) it lands like a rocket
d) it lands like a feather

What did the Saturn V multistaged rocket do?
a) carried explosives
b) landed like an airplpane
c) it launched a spacecraft to the moon
d) carried the first astronauts

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