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When did the Revolutionary War start?
a) 1775
b) 1776
c) 1781
d) 1783

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Ben Franklin
c) George Washington
d) John Hancock

What treaty ended the Revolutionary War and gave the U.S. land from the East Coast to the Mississippi River?
a) The Treaty of Paris
b) The Treaty of Tordesellas
c) The Treaty of 1713
d) The Treaty of the United States of America

What item did the French want from North America?
a) fur
b) gold
c) land
d) minerals

When did Canada get its right to self-govern?
a) 1867
b) 1776
c) 1783
d) 1812

In the Spanish colonies, who was at the bottom of the social class?
a) Native Americans
b) Viceroys
c) Mestizos
d) Criollos

Who was appointed to rule the Spanish colonies when they were divided into provinces?
a) Viceroys
b) Mestizos
c) Criollos
d) Native Americans

Who fought to free Mexico from Spanish rule?
a) Hidalgo and Iturbide
b) San Martin and Bolivar
c) Hidalgo and Bolivar
d) Iturbide and San Martin

Who fought to free Gran Columbia?
a) Bolivar
b) San Martin
c) Hidalgo
d) Dom Pedro

Who fought to free Argentina, Chile, and Peru?
a) San Martin
b) Bolivar
c) Hidalgo
d) Dom Pedro

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