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An example of a fossil fuel would include
a) coal
b) oil
c) natural gas
d) all of the above

As air rises, it cools and ______________________
a) precipitates
b) evaporates
c) increases in temperature
d) condenses

The Factor Affecting Climate with the greatest overall effect on Canada's climate is
a) Latitude
b) Elevation
c) Ocean Currents
d) Winds and Aikr Masses

Fossils are exclusively located in this rock type
a) igneous
b) fossil fuels
c) metamorphic
d) sedimentary

The Landform Region created during the Precambrian era was
a) Arctic Lowlands
b) Canadian Shield
c) Western Cordillera
d) Innuitian Mountians

An example of a decidious tree would include
a) maple
b) all of the above
c) ash
d) oak

The most northerly vegetation region in Canada is
a) tundra
b) acton
c) boreal
d) taiga

The Growth Line (green) is drawn at this temperature on a climate graph
a) 0 degrees
b) 32 degrees
c) 6 degrees
d) 5 degrees

Which Landform Region is the largest in terms of area in Canada
a) Great-Lakes St. Lawrence Lowlands
b) Canadian Shield
c) Appalachians
d) Western Cordillera

In class, we used the metaphor of a/an_______to show the layers of the earth
a) an apple
b) a golf ball
c) an egg
d) a bottle

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