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Why do rockets move forward?
a) they are heavy
b) Gas is propelled out of the rocket
c) The reaction force is strong
d) They have solar panels

When did Tsiolkovsky and Goddard begin developing modern rockets?
a) in the 1800's
b) in the late 1900's
c) 2010
d) in the early 1900's

What is thrust?
a) it began the space race
b) the first human in space
c) the reaction force that propels a rocket forward
d) how fast a rocket moves

What began the Space Race?
a) The Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik 1
b) the developing on modern rockets
c) people observing moonquakes
d) The Americans lunar mission

Which is NOT a type of data collected through remote sensing?
a) rainfall patterns
b) location of underground oil deposites
c) moonquakes
d) vegetation patterns

What does the data collected from moonquakes show?
a) there may be life on the moon
b) the center of the moon may be soild
c) the moon is made of ice
d) the center of the moon may be molten

Where did rocket technology begin?
a) America
b) China
d) Europe

What were rockets used for during World War II?
a) to spy on other contries
b) to get people into space
c) to carry explosives
d) to send gifts to other countries

Who was the Space Race between?
a) Soviet Union and China
b) United States and Canada
c) China and the United States
d) United States and Soviet Union

Where do satellites in geosynchronous orbit stay?
a) in orbit around the Earth
b) between two points on Earth
c) above the same point on Earth
d) out in space

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