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Amy turned in a paper for class that she said she ahd writen herself but parts of it were copied and pasted from Wikipedia. This is an example of:
a) Fair Use
b) Plagiarism
c) Piracy
d) Licensing

Zoe used a small amount of a movie in a remix video she made that pokes fun at the main character. You could say this is
a) Fair Use
b) Plagiarism
c) Piracy
d) Licensing

Photos that are no longer copyrighted and can be used however you want are found in:
a) Licensing
b) Copyright
c) the public domain
d) creative commons

Angela has a Flickr page with all of her photos. In order to define how others are allowed to use her photos, she should create and list:
a) Public domain
b) Creative Commons
c) Fair Use
d) a license

Alex had an idea for a song in his head for a long time but once he wrote it down, it instantly had
a) a Copyright
b) a License
c) Public domain
d) Fair use

Eric uses a program to download movies that he should be buying. This is called
a) plagiarism
b) Fair Use
c) piracy
d) Public domain

When Dwayne listed a kind of copyright on his pictures that allowed others to copy and share his work as long as they gave him credit, he was using
a) Public Domain
b) Fair Use
c) Creative Commons
d) Piracy

Books, movies, websites, music, games and pieces of art are all example of _____________ and are protected by copyright rules.
a) fair use
b) public domain
c) creative work
d) creative commons

Happy Birthday is
a) a copyrighted piece of work
b) in the public domain
c) fair use
d) plagiarized

Copyright rules
a) protect the creator
b) are meant to help encourage new pieces of work
c) allow some access and use by users
d) all of the above

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