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Which of the these pairs is not a match?
a) Nixon / Detente
b) JFK / New Frontier
c) Truman / 2 Cars in Every Garage
d) LBJ / Great Society

Which event allowed LBJ to further involve US forces in Vietnam?
a) Seizing of US Embassy in Saigon
b) Gulf of Tonkin Incident
c) Bombing of Pearl Harbor
d) Ho Ch Minh's invasion of the South

Which pair of battles listed below were victories for the Axis?
a) Bataan and Dunkirk
b) Stalingrad and Midway
c) Battle of Britain and Normandy
d) All of these were Axis victories

Why did the Soviets build the Berlin Wall in 1961?
a) To create a symbol of Communism
b) To keep people from fleeing to West Berlin
c) To keep people from fleeing to East Berlin
d) To create an "iron curtain" like Churchill had suggested they do

The Cuban Missile Crisis
a) ended in compromise
b) caused the Bay of Pigs
c) led to peace between the US and USSR
d) cost Castro his position as President of Cuba

Cold War "flare ups" took place in all of the following locations EXCEPT:
a) Korea
b) Vietnam
c) Berlin
d) Britain

The Soviet equivalent of NATO was the _____________
a) Warsaw Pact
b) Axis
c) Axis of Evil
d) Helsinki Accords

The ultimate result of Watergate was:
a) Jail time for Nixon
b) Nixon became the first President to ever be fired from office
c) Nixon was convicted of a felony
d) A loss of faith in the office of the Presidency

Which of the following pairs is "incorrect"?
a) Lincoln - Republican
b) Hamilton - Federalist
c) Nixon - Democrat
d) Jefferson - Democratic Republican

Which war's turning point is listed incorrectly?
a) Civil War - Gettysburg
b) Vietnam - Tet
c) American Revolution - Saratoga
d) World War II - Guadalcanal

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