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How did the Domino Theory effect US policy in Vietnam?
a) The US adopted a neutral position
b) The US adopted the policy of Vietnamization
c) It convinced the US to become involved in the war
d) It convinced the US to support the Vietcong

What term best describes the foreign policy of both Eisenhower and LBJ?
a) Imperialism
b) Containment
c) Detente
d) Neutrality

Name the failed invasion of Cuba under the Kennedy Administration
a) Cuban Missile Crisis
b) Havana Crisis
c) Tet Offensive
d) Bay of Pigs

What factor was a major cause of the weak US economy in the early 1970's?
a) Increase in gas prices
b) Watergate
c) Decrease in service industry jobs
d) Increased immigration

Which practice in schools did the decision in the Brown v. Board of Education (1954) case eliminate?
a) Forced Busing
b) Legal Segregation of schools
c) Censorship of school news
d) Affirmative action

The Tet Offensive can be seen as a victory for the Vietcong because...
a) It led to the capture of over 100 Northern cities
b) It demonstrated to the American public that the Vietcong were not defeated
c) It led to the capture and destruction of the US embassy
d) All of these are true

The main issue involved in the Watergate scandal was:
a) Nixon Administration's cover up of the My Lai Massacre
b) The White House's attempted cover up of a burglary
c) Nixon's attempt to hide the truth about Kent State
d) The White House's attempts to silence MLK

Which of the following is a "matching pair"?
a) Elijah Muhammad - Nation of Islam
b) Rosa Parks - School Integration
c) George Wallace - Helped integrate schools
d) Malcolm X - Non-violence

What action by Gerald Ford angered many in the American public?
a) He raised gas prices to try and save energy
b) He lowered interest rates to make "looser" money
c) He refused to pardon Richard Nixon, embarrassing the nation
d) He pardoned Richard Nixon

All of the following were reasons for mistrust between the US and USSR after WW2 EXCEPT:
a) Stalin and Hitler's secret non-aggression pact
b) US reluctance to share the atom bomb with Stalin
c) American fire-bombing of German cities
d) US and British reluctance to open a second front in Western Europe

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