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If a ball is rolling in a straight line and you push it to the right, its velocity will do what to the right?
a) Accelerate
b) Decelerate
c) Stay still
d) None of the above

When you graph the motion of an object, you put ____ on the horizontal axis and _____ on the vertical axis
a) Speed, Time
b) Distance,Time
c) Time, Distance
d) Time, Speed

If you exert a force on an object in motion you will change its what?
a) Mass
b) Momentum
c) Inertia
d) Weight

Momentum has the same direction as what?
a) Distance
b) Mass
c) Velocity
d) Speed

If your speed changes from 10 km/h to 6 km/h, you would have what kind of acceleration?
a) No acceleration
b) Greater
c) Positive
d) Negative

Acceleration involves a change in what?
a) Time
b) Speed & Direction
c) Speed
d) Direction

If you travel through a city and find that you travel 5 km in 30 minutes, you could say that your _____ speed is 6 km/h.
a) Constant
b) Instantaneous
c) Average
d) dead

What is displacement?
a) Total distance from starting to ending point
b) Distance between the starting point and the ending point
c) Distance from where they started to where they ended
d) None of the above

The speed you read from your speedometer is your what?
a) Instantaneous speed
b) Average Speed
c) Distance
d) Total hours driven

On your test, put the name of my favorite shark above your name!
a) Great White Shark
b) Great White Shark
c) Great White Shark
d) This is to see how many of you checked this out. Please Dont Tell ANYONE!!!

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