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The DNA of a human cell can be cut and rearranged by using
a) a scalpel
b) electrophoresis
c) hormones
d) enzymes

The Human Genome Project is an attempt to
a) make a DNA fingerprint of every person's DNA
b) sequence all human DNA
c) cure human diseases
d) identify alleles in human DNA that recessive

If a gene is inserted into the DNA of a bacterial cell, every cell produced by that cell will have
a) DNA that is different from that of the other cells produced
b) a 50% chance of having a copy of the inserted gene
c) a copy of the inserted gene
d) a new type of DNA base

For centuries certain animals have been crossed to produce offspring that have desirable qualities. This technique of producing organisms with specific qualities is known as
a) gene replication
b) natural selection
c) random mutations
d) selective breeding

In preparation for an electrophoresis procedure, enzymes are added to DNA in order to
a) convert the DNA into a gel
b) cut the DNA into fragments
c) change the color of the DNA
d) produce longer sections of DNA

On an electrophoresis gel, band B is closer to the postive end of the gel thatn is band A
a) Band B is more negatively charged than Band A
b) Band B moved faster than Band A
c) Band A is smaller than Band B
d) Band B consists of larger DNA fragments than does Band A

One function of gel electrophoresis is to
a) separate DNA fragments
b) cut DNA
c) recombine DNA
d) extract DNA

Spider DNA is removed and inserted into a goat. Spider silk proteins are found in the goat's milk. This process is called
a) chromotography
b) direct harvesting
c) meiosis
d) genetic engineering

In the US, there has been relatively little experimentation involving the insertion of genes from other species in human DNA. One reason for the lack of these experiments is that
a) the subunits of human DNA are different from the DNA subunits of other species
b) there are many ethical questions to be answered
c) inserting foreign DNA into human DNA would require using techniques that are different
d) human DNA always promotes human survival so there is no need to alter it

The pedigree of Seattle Slew, a racehorse considered by some to one of the fastest horses that ever lived. Seattle Slew most likely was a result of
a) environment selection
b) alteration of DNA molecules
c) selective breeding
d) a sudden mutation

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