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Which process will increase variations that could be inherited?
a) mitotic cell division
b) active transport
c) recombination of genes
d) synthesis of proteins

The section of DNA used to make a strand of messanger RNA is known as a
a) carbohydrate
b) gene
c) ribosome
d) chromosome

The transfer of genes from one parent to their offspring is known as
a) differentiation
b) immunity
c) heredity
d) evolution

One similarity between DNA and messanger RNA molecules is that they both contain
a) the same sugar
b) genetic codes based on sequences of bases
c) a nitrongenous base called uracil
d) double stranded polymers

In a cell, the transfer of genetic information from DNA to RNA occurs in the
a) cell membrane
b) endoplasmic reticulum
c) nucleus
d) nucleolus

If a portion of a messanger RNA molecule contains the base sequence A-A-U, the coresponding transfer RNA base sequence is
a) AAU
b) GGT
c) TTC
d) UUA

Which base is normally used in the synthesis of RNA but not in the synthesis of DNA
a) adenine
b) uracil
c) cytosine
d) guanine

The sequence of three nitrogenous bases in a messanger RNA is known as a
a) codon
b) polypeptide
c) gene
d) nucleotide

In the synthesis of proteins, what is the function fo messanger RNA molecules
a) They act as a template for the synthesis of DNA
b) They carry information that determines the sequence of amino acides
c) They remove amino acids from the nucleus
d) They carry specific enzymes for dehydration synthesis

Which characteristic distinguishes a DNA molecule from a protein molecule?
a) can replicate itself
b) can be very large
c) is found in cytoplasm
d) is composed of subunits

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