Japanese Feudalism 2 Question Preview (ID: 951)

Early Japan And Feudal Society. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Feudal societies are characterized by
a) social order
b) political rights
c) economic opportunities
d) democracy

Bushido, samurai, and daimyo are associated with which group
a) merchants
b) warriors
c) emperors
d) peasants

Shintoism involves
a) the desire to control nature
b) the belief that people come from the sea
c) reliance on nature
d) respect for nature

Which of these is part of feudalism?
a) rapid social change
b) high literacy rate
c) industry
d) rigid class structure

Calligraphy, the tea ceremony, and Zen Buddhism are examples of
a) early Japanese culture
b) the Renaissance
c) Mansa Musa's empire
d) the Reformation

Which two cultures influenced early Japan?
a) Greek and Roman
b) Egyptian and Mesopotamian
c) Chinese and Korean
d) Indian and Persian

The code of bushido was concerned with
a) equality
b) peace
c) science
d) militarism

Which group dominated feudalism?
a) warrior nobles
b) merchants
c) revolutionaries
d) farmers

Which fact was a result of the other three?
a) Japan had earethquakes and volcanic eruptions.
b) Japan developed the nature-based belief system.
c) Tsunamis sometimes destroyed coastal villages.
d) Mountains are found throughout the islands of Japan.

How has Japan adapted to their enviornment?
a) They live in the mountains to avoid the typhoons.
b) They hold ceremonies to prevent volcanic eruptions.
c) They remain completely isolated.
d) They use terrace farming and food from the sea.

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