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Review Of Japan's Location And Early Feudal Times. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Where is Japan located?
a) in the Atlantic Ocean, east of China
b) in the Atlantic Ocean, east of the United States
c) in the Pacific ocean, west of Australia
d) in the Pacific Ocean, east of China

What type of geography does Japan have?
a) islands with much farmland
b) hills, plateaus and plains
c) islands with many mountains
d) deserts and plains

How has geography affected Japan?
a) grow a lot of food and export it
b) must make adaptations and import goods
c) people starve due to lack of food
d) there has been no effect

What were the major classes of people under feudalism?
a) shogun, samurai, daimyo, peasants
b) king, lords, knights, peasants
c) artisans, merchants, warriors, ronin
d) emperor, shogun, lords

What was the basis of feudalism in Japan?
a) land, money, and jobs in exchange for loyalty and service
b) land for loyalty and service
c) food and clothing in exchange for protection
d) protection in exchange for a manor

How were European and Japanese feudalism alike?
a) both were run by a king
b) both followed bushido
c) both had classes of society
d) both were influenced by the Catholic Church

How were European and Japanese feudalism different?
a) European feudalism had no peasants
b) Japanese had a larger warrior class than Europeans
c) Japanese feudalism was led by a king
d) European feudalism was not based on levels of society

What kind of climate affects Japan?
a) blizzards, hailstorms
b) sandstorms
c) monsoons
d) tsunamis, typhoons

How has location affected Japan?
a) conquered by many other countries
b) isolated but protected
c) location had no effect
d) constant trade with others

The code of bushido was
a) a code of laws for the Japanese
b) a code of behavior for Buddhists
c) a strict code of honor for the samurai
d) a code of behavior for the schools

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