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Which of the following is usually considered the earliest evidence of human culture?
a) Tool Making
b) Storytelling
c) Writing
d) Cave Painting

Fossil evidence indicates that the first part of the world to develop agriculture was
a) Africa
b) East Asia
c) Asia
d) The Middle East

With the development of agriculture, women
a) became more important because they fought for the right to work alongside men
b) became less important because men were primarily responsible for food production
c) became less important because they no longer felt the need to bear children
d) became more important because they were primarily responsible for food production

What environmental challenge faced by the Indus Valley Civilization was unique to early River Valley Civilizations?
a) Unpredictable floods
b) Deposits of rich soil left by yearly floods
c) The dependence on monsoon winds to bring needed rain
d) The variable courses of the rivers

The first empire to rule over diverse ethnic groups and to expand beyond a central location was the
a) Zhou Empire
b) Assyrian Empire
c) Egyptian Empire
d) Babylonian Empire

A major challenge for historians trying to study the early civilizations in the Indus Valley is that
a) they had no writing system
b) natural elements destroyed all written evidence from the civilization
c) they had a writing system, but it has yet to be deciphered
d) invading conquerors destroyed all written evidence from the civilization

Historians have been able to conclude that Mesopotamian society likely consisted of how many classes?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 5

The Egyptian writing system was primarily used for
a) documenting religious ceremonies
b) creating a written legal code
c) business transactions
d) governmental matters

The earliest system of writing, attributed to Sumeria is called
a) Hieroglyphics
b) Cuneiform
c) Phoenecian
d) Cyrellic

The Mandate of Heaven refers to
a) the Chinese way of assessing a leader's divine right to rule
b) the motivation behind human sacrifice in Olmec civilization
c) the ancient Greek ordering of the gods by importance
d) the Vedic creation story

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