Ch 7 Motion, Acceleration, Momentum Question Preview (ID: 949)

This Is A Test Over Ch 7 Motion And Momentum Including Acceleration. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In order to describe velocity, you would need to know what?
a) Speed & Direction
b) None of the above
c) Velocity & Speed
d) Direction & Velocity

To have momentum, an object must be what?
a) Still
b) sleeping
c) pausing
d) Moving

If an object is moving at a constant velocity and you want to change its momentum, you would change its what?
a) Velocity
b) Distance
c) Mass
d) Acceleration

A line on a speed-time graph with a steep slope would indicate what?
a) Greater Speed
b) None of the above
c) No motion at all
d) Decreasing Speed

A moving object's velocity decreases, its momentum would do what?
a) Increase
b) Be zero
c) Stay the same
d) Decrease

Speed is a rate of change in what?
a) Velocity
b) Distance
c) Direction
d) Time

When object A collides with Object B and bounces back, its final momentum is ______ its initial momentum
a) Greater Than
b) In the opposite direction as
c) In the same direction as
d) Less Than

Momentum is a measure of
a) How hard it is to stop an object
b) The amount of force acting on an object
c) The tendency of an object to change its motion
d) The amount of matter in an object

When you run around a track at 5 km/h, your velocity is what?
a) Constant
b) None of the above
c) Decelerating
d) Accelerating

What is the law of comservation of momentum?
a) States that the momentum before is less than the momentum after
b) States that the momentum does not exist.
c) States that the momentum before is always the same as the momentum after the collision.
d) States that the momentum before is greater than the momentum after

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