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Chromosomes can be described as
a) large molecules that have only one function
b) folded chains of bonded glucose molecules
c) reproductive cells composed of molecular bases
d) coiled strands of genes

In all organisms, the coded instructions for specifying the characteristics of the organism are directly determined by the arrangement of the
a) twenty kinds of amino acids in each protein
b) twenty-three pairs of genes on each chromosome
c) strands of simple sugars in certain carbohydrate molecules
d) four types of molecular bases in the genes

What would be the complimentary strand for the following DNA sequence CTA
a) GAT
b) AGC
c) TCG
d) TAC

When DNA separates into two strands, the DNA would most likely be directly involved in
a) Differentiation
b) Replicatio
c) Fertiliztion
d) Evolution

DNA controls cellular activities most directly by coding for the synthesis of
a) Blood
b) Carbohydrates
c) Enzymes
d) Fatty Acids

Which statement best describes the relationship between cells, DNA, and proteins
a) Cells contain DNA that controls the production of proteins
b) DNA is composed of proteins that carry coded information for how cells function
c) Proteins are used to produce cells that link amino acids together into DNA
d) Cells are linked together by proteins to make different kinds of DNA molecules

In a portion of a gene, the nitrogenous base sequence is T-C-G-A-A-T. Which nitrogenous base sequence would normally be found bonded to this section of the gene

If 15% of a DNA sample is made up of thymine T what percentage of the sample is made up cytosine C
a) 35%
b) 15%
c) 85%
d) 70%

Hereditary information for most traits is generally located in
a) genes found on chromosomes
b) chromosomes found on genes
c) the mitochondria
d) the lysomes in the cytoplasm

The human liver contains many specialized cells that secrete bile. Only these cells produce bile because
a) cells can eliminate the genetic codes that they do not need
b) different cells use different parts of the genetic information they contain
c) all other cells in the body lack the genes neded for the production of bile
d) these cells mutated during embryonic development

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