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what happens when an erosion happens?
a) sediment goes and makes land.
b) sediment and other materials are moved from one place to another.
c) layers of deposited sediment that can form an area.
d) materials carried by a stream

what is water located within the rocks below Earth
a) groundwater
b) floodplain
c) cave
d) meander

which of the following is not made by EROSION
a) sea cave
b) sea arch
c) sandbar
d) sea stack

A long narrow island
a) barrier
b) block
c) round
d) tropical

Which of the following would form first?
a) sea stack
b) sea arch
c) sea cave
d) wave-cut platform

When a cave collapses it can form a...
a) delta
b) alluvial fan
c) sea stack
d) sinkhole

Which rock would erode faster?
a) Soft
b) Hard
c) none of the above
d) Both

When water travels parallel to the shore it is called a...
a) wave
b) current
c) shoreline
d) sandbar

Which landform would ylou see a "meander"?
a) delta
b) alluvial fan
c) river
d) sandbar

Where would you find stalactites and stalagmites?
a) Sandbar
b) Alluvial Fan
c) Cave
d) Delta

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