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The spotted touch-me-not, a flowering plant, has seed pods that burst open when touched and forcefully eject their seeds. Such an adaptation is favorable because it
a) aids in the dispersal of the species.
b) attracts insects that aid in pollination.
c) prevents germination within the seed pod.
d) can cause genetic changes to occur

According to Darwin's theory of evolution, differences between species may be the result of
a) natural selection
b) the disuse of body structures
c) the transmission of acquired characteristics
d) mutagenic agents

Two nucleotide sequences found in two different species are almost exactly the same. This suggests that these species
a) may have similar evolutionary histories
b) are evolving into the same species
c) contain identical DNA
d) have the same number of mutations

The theory that evolutionary change is slow and continuous is known as
a) gradualism
b) punctuated equilibrium
c) geographic isolation
d) speciation

The concept that species have changed over long periods of time is known as
a) organic evolution
b) ecology
c) embryology
d) spontaneous generation

Which concept was not included in Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection?
a) punctuated equilibrium
b) survival of the fittest
c) struggle for existence
d) overproduction of offspring

According to the heterotroph hypothesis, the first life on Earth was able to
a) feed upon available nutrients in the environment
b) synthesize its food from inorganic compounds
c) feed upon carbohydrates produced by autotrophs
d) carry on photosynthesis instead of respiration

Darwin's theory of evolution is based on the concept of
a) natural selection
b) use and disuse
c) mutations
d) hybridization

The biochemical analysis of different chlorophyll pigments in plants would be most useful in determining
a) which plants might have a common ancestor
b) how plants reproduce asexually
c) how plants pass favorable traits to their offspring
d) why some plants produce hemoglobin

The structural similarities between the flippers of whales and the arms of humans are used to show that the
a) human species and whales have a common ancestry
b) human species began life in the oceans
c) whales are older than the human species
d) whales evolved from the human species

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