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A primary source about the French Revolution is
a) an eyewitness account from a prisoner at the Bastille
b) an encyclopedia entry about the Reign of Terror
c) a recent biography of Robespierre
d) a movie about Louis XVI

Which statement about ancient Greece is an opinion rather than fact?
a) Greek architecture was superior to Persian architecture
b) Mountainous terrain was an obstacle to Greek political unity
c) The Spartan culture placed an emphasis on military skills
d) Athens granted voting rights to male citizens only

In the Ancient Kingdom of Mali and in the Roman Republic, an important feature of life was the development of
a) codified laws
b) social and political equality
c) the Islamic religion
d) agricultural communes

Which statement best explains the periods of the Gupta Empire of India, the Golden Age of Greece, and the Renaissance in Italy?
a) a combination of wealth and a time of relative peace often leads to cultural achievement
b) the winning of a war often inspires scientific and artistic achievement
c) a dictatorship usually encourages cultural growth and development
d) periods of censorship are needed for a nation to achieve cultural and scientific greatness

Eighteenth-century Russia and nineteenth-century Japan were similar in that both countries
a) began the process of modernization after a long period of isolation
b) developed democratic governments after years under absolute monarchies
c) refused to accept western technological ideas
d) adopted socialist economic systems after capitalism had failed

Until the 1500’s, China and Japan were similar in that both
a) had little contact with Western European nations
b) were invaded by the Mongols
c) welcomed Christian Missionaries
d) were developing democratic traditions

The societies of traditional China, Feudal Japan, and Czarist Russia were all characterized by
a) a rigid class structure
b) much interaction with other cultures
c) great economic change
d) rapidly changing social values

Which document is an example of a primary source?
a) the diary of a survivor of a Nazi death camp
b) a textbook on Russian history
c) an encyclopedia article on religions of the Middle East
d) a novel on the Age of Exploration

Which historical events are in the correct chronological order?
a) Neolithic Revolution -> Roman Empire -> Crusades -> Renaissance
b) Crusades -> Renaissance -> Neolithic Revolution -> Roman Empire
c) Roman Empire -> Neolithic Revolution -> Crusades -> Renaissance
d) Renaissance ->Neolithic Revolution -> Crusades -> Roman Empire

In Japan, a major economic problem has been the lack of
a) natural resources
b) investment capital
c) skilled labor
d) experienced management

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