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What is networking?
a) Using the Internet to find a job
b) Communicating with people you know or can get to know
c) A job that requires you to work on the Internet
d) All of the above

Which statement is TRUE about work permits?
a) For some jobs, you need a work permit if you are under 16
b) Is a legal document that allows a minor to hold a job
c) It shows the number of hours you can work and the kind of jobs you can hold
d) All of the above

What is another source of job leads besides networking?
a) Waiting for someone to call you
b) Using the telephone book, randomly call people
c) Career Fair
d) All of the above

What are two ways you can keep track of job leads?
a) Create an index card system
b) Memorize the job leads
c) Create a Database
d) Both 1 and 3

How can you gather information about jobs and business?
a) Search for information about the business in newspapers or Internet
b) Talk to a customer of the business
c) Talk to an employee of the business
d) All of the above

Whcih way of finding a job brings people the greatest success?
a) Employment Agencies
b) Networking
c) Job Ads
d) Direct Employer Contact

What information should you write on a job lead index card?
a) Name and title of person or business
b) Address, telephone number, and email address
c) If it's a person, name of his or her department and company
d) All of the above

Which question is NOT a good question to ask in order to get facts about a business?
a) What kinds of goods and services does the business offer?
b) What kind of reputation does the business have?
c) Can employess wear jeans on Fridays?
d) Is it possible to move up in the business?

What is another way you can find job leads?
a) Cold calls
b) Newspaper Classified
c) Internet
d) All of the above

What is a referral?
a) When you are written up for doing something wrong on a job
b) When you are written up for doing somethin wrong at school
c) Someone to whom you are referred or directed for a job lead
d) Both 1 and 2

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