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Which action on the part of the progressives had the least immediate effect on South Carolina?
a) ending child labor
b) ending business trusts
c) outlawing the use of alcohol
d) extending suffrage to women

What change did South Carolina progressives make in the treatment of prisoners in the early 1900s?
a) They abolished chain gangs.
b) They abolished the convict lease system.
c) They separated older prisoners from younger ones.
d) They began a training program to prepare prisoners for jobs.

According to the 6-0-1 law, how many months of school were white children required to attend?
a) 4 months
b) 5 months
c) 6 months
d) 7 months

Which political reform was not part of the progressive agenda?
a) black suffrage
b) recall
c) referendum
d) secret ballot

What action did Governor Richard Manning NOT take to prepare South Carolina for war?
a) He secured military training facilities.
b) He encouraged residents to purchase Liberty Bonds.
c) He improved transportation and communication facilities.
d) He began a rationing program to preserve food and resources.

Which military camp, established during WWI, is the primary Army training facility on the East coast today?
a) Camp Dawson
b) Camp Jackson
c) Camp Sevier
d) Camp Wadsworth

How did WWI impact South Carolina's economy?
a) The state established new industries that supported the war effort.
b) The state profited from the increased demand for cotton and food products.
c) The state's work force declined due to the number of men who left to serve in the military.
d) The state lost money because of the disruption in trade caused by German submarines.

How was the KKK that was revived in the 1920s different from the original organization?
a) It targeted groups other than blacks, such as Catholics.
b) It opened its membership to a larger group of people.
c) Its members disguised themselves by wearing hoods.
d) It used a burning cross as a way of frightening its victims.

Why did South Carolina benefit less from the economic boom of the 1920s?
a) People were hesitant to buy on credit.
b) South Carolina had few factories to provide manufactured items.
c) The state's poor transportation system made it difficult to obtain consumer goods.
d) South Carolinians were mostly farmers who earned less money due to a decline in farm prices.

Why were farm states, like SC, less affected by the prosperity of the 1920s?
a) Prices for seed & equipment reached all-time highs after the war, resulting in lower profits.
b) U.S. farmers faced overproduction brought on from European nations postwar growth of crops.
c) U.S. farms increased after the war, resulting in a larger supply of farm products and lower demand.
d) Loss of farm workers to industrial jobs resulted in a reduction of acreage under cultivation.

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