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Which of these characters understands the true nature of the beast?
a) Ralph
b) Piggy
c) Jack
d) Simon

Which of these occurred first?
a) Jack graciously offers his choir as hunters and keepers of the fire
b) Piggy tells Ralph not to mention what he was called back at home
c) Simon faints on the beach
d) Piggy\\\'s glasses are used to light the first fire

What does the dead parachutist represent?
a) salvation from the adult world
b) a longed-for hope answered
c) sin
d) trouble from the adult world

How does Jack take control?
a) He bullies the boys into leaving Ralph
b) He leaves and invites the boys to come and hunt
c) He calls for another vote and is elected the 2nd time
d) He points out that Ralph is just like Simon and everyone leaves with him

Which of these represents hidden evil?
a) The boys face paint
b) The boys long hair
c) The beast on the mountain
d) The snakes in the jungle

Who represents intelligence?
a) Piggy
b) Ralph
c) Simon
d) Samneric

How do Samneric join Jack's tribe?
a) They are stolen in the middle of the night
b) They join willingly
c) Jack bribes them with pig meat
d) They are taken and tied up in front of Ralph

Which of these occurred first?
a) Piggy's glasses are broken
b) Jack's choir lets the fire go out and loses the chance of rescue
c) Simon has a conversation with the beast
d) Ralph makes a stand and refuses to move so the fire must be made elsewhere

How does Jack find out where Ralph is hiding?
a) He is a hunter - he just knows
b) He sends spies to learn of the hideout
c) He tortures Samneric into revealing the place
d) He sees a drop of Ralph's blood

What does the beast tell Simon?
a) He is not real
b) He lives in everyone of the boys
c) He will kill him if he falls asleep
d) He is not really evil

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