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Who Is Aria In "Love" With?
a) Her Gym Coach
b) Her Best Friend's Brother
c) Her English Teacher
d) Her Brother's Babysitter

What Sport Does Spencer Play?
a) Softball
b) Field Hockey
c) Tennis
d) Soccer

What Did Hanna Steel From The Mall?
a) New Designer Boots
b) A Cardboard Cut Out Of Taylor Lautner
c) A Makeup Kit
d) Sunglasses

Who Is Missing?
a) Jenna
b) Toby
c) Mona
d) Alison

What is The Conflict Between Emily?
a) Person Vs. Person
b) Person Vs. Self
c) Person Vs. Nature
d) Person Vs. Society

Who Had An Over Weight Problem?
a) Hanna
b) Spencer
c) Emily
d) Alison

When Emily Gets Her First "-A" Note, Where Is She?
a) At Home
b) On Her Couch
c) In The Bathroom
d) In The Girls' Locker Room

What Was Aria's First "-A" Note Mean?
a) Your Gaining Weight
b) Don't Kiss Your Sister's Boyfriend
c) Go Ahead, Date Your English Teacher, Your Dad Did It Too.
d) Love Who You Want

Who's Funeral Do The Four Girls' Attend At The End?
a) Ezra's
b) Ian's
c) Alison's
d) Melissa's

Why Is "A's" Life So Fun?
a) She Knows Everything
b) She Has The Best Gadgets
c) She is Pretty, Blonde, And Popular
d) She Killed Alison

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