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Which of the following is NOT an example of a trait?
a) lizard
b) brown eyes
c) height
d) hair color

Which of the following could be a trait of a rose?
a) furry
b) red petals
c) fruit
d) flat needles

What type of adaptation is a rattle snake’s ability to use venom on its prey?
a) structural
b) functional
c) behavioral
d) poison

Which of the following is an inherited trait that increases an organism’s chance of survival and reproduction
a) selective breeding
b) mutation
c) natural selection
d) adaptation

Specific traits for a toy poodle such as curly hair and smallness are an example of _____.
a) physical adaptation
b) structural adaptation
c) selective breeding
d) natural selection

Which of the following adaptations attract mates for peacocks?
a) size
b) colorful tail feathers
c) aggressiveness
d) the ability to fly

Which of the following is a structural adaptation in a mudskipper?
a) shyness
b) hibernation
c) fins that can help it to move to search for water
d) shedding

Which of the following is a behavioral adaptation?
a) a bear hibernates
b) a flower attracts bees with its colorful petals
c) a snake has venom to help kill prey
d) an axolotl feeds at night to avoid being seen by predators

A bird choosing yellow beetles on a brown tree, and more brown beetles surviving to reproduce is an example of
a) competition
b) reproduction
c) differentiation
d) natural selection

Which is NOT an example of your body maintaining homestasis?
a) sweating
b) warm-bloodedness
c) hair growing
d) tears

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