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____________are large areas of ground movement of rock, earth, or debris that fall, slide, or flow on slopes due to gravity.
a) Wildfires
b) Landslides
c) Floods
d) Emigration

What can cause some seeds to break open so they can germinate, an increase in air pollution, habitat destruction, or destroying homes or property.
a) Wildfire
b) Landslides
c) Flood
d) Immigration

What might damage property, endanger humans and animals, or cause soil erosion and deposition of sediment and nutrients and creation of fertile soil.
a) Wildfire
b) Landslides
c) Flood
d) Births and Deaths

The number of organisms in the given amount of space is called ___.
a) carrying capacity
b) ecosystem
c) population density
d) community

The main way that organisms are added to a population.
a) births and deaths
b) immigration and emigration
c) climate
d) food, water, shelter

The maximum number of organisms that can survive in a particular ecosystem is known as the _____________ __________.
a) carrying capacity
b) ecosystem
c) population density
d) community

The temperature and amount of rainfall in a particular environment. Changes in temperature and the amount of rainfall from what is normal for that area can change an environment,
a) biome
b) climate
c) ecosystem
d) limiting factors

When the availability of the amount of any of these resources in a given area is less than what the various populations need, it becomes a
a) climate
b) population
c) birth
d) limiting factor

Those that get the resources survive. Those that do not, will ______ to where the resources are available or _____.
a) birth, death
b) grow, reproduce
c) move, die
d) change, mutate

Most energy is available at the _______level of the pyramid
a) 1st, producer
b) 2nd, herbivor
c) 3rd, primary consumer
d) 4th, secondary consumer

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