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What was not a reason for Carolina's request to become a royal colony?
a) The colonists believed the Proprietors were too far away.
b) The Proprietors were the same people as in the beginning.
c) The Proprietors were not investing enough money into the colony.
d) The Proprietors were not providing adequate protection.

What did South Carolina's royal governor do to encourage migration?
a) He established townships in the Backcountry.
b) He paid for part of their passage to the New World.
c) He promised to help them gain citizenship.
d) He opened up the slave trade to the backcountry.

Which group did not present a serious problem for the colonists?
a) Native Americans
b) Spanish
c) French
d) Pirates

What did the Grand Council create to represent the common people of Carolina?
a) The Commons House of Assembly
b) The House of Burgesses
c) His Majesty's Council
d) The Royal Assembly

Which group was not a part of Carolina's Grand Council?
a) Representatives of the Lords Proprietors
b) The Carolina nobility.
c) Representatives of the freemen of the Colony.
d) Representatives of the King

What was the headright method?
a) A certain amount of land per colonist based upon number of paid passengers.
b) A certain number of workers provided to colonists based upon acreage of land.
c) In exchange for working, land given as exchange for paid passage from England.
d) Land provided to slaves after they were released from servitude.

Which of the following was not advantage gained as a royal colony by Carolina?
a) Increased subsidies for naval stores.
b) permission to sell rice to foreign countries
c) left to control their own local government
d) representation in Parliament

Which of the following was not a way in which a legislative assembly impacted a colony?
a) It gave them a voice in the government.
b) It made the laws, including taxes.
c) It provided equal representation for everyone.
d) It represented a growing democracy.

What provided the outline for the nobility system government the proprietors planned to set up for colonists?
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Madison Contract
c) Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina
d) Ashley-Cooper Document

What was quitrent?
a) A monthly rent for housing paid by settlers to the Lords Proprietors.
b) An annual rent paid on the land by settlers to the Lords Proprietors.
c) The payment made by settlers for the journey from England to the colony.
d) The payment made by indentured servants to their benefactors.

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