ED 105 (ch. 4) Question Preview (ID: 946)

ED 105- Chapter 4.

Types of input?
a) data, program, commands, & user response
b) files, programs, data responses, user commands
c) data, files, pictures, & commands
d) program, data, pictures, & commands

pointing devices
a) mouse. joystick, & scroll keys
b) trackball, mouse, & joystick
c) joystick, mouse, & trackball
d) scroll keys, mouse, & trackball

bit is short for...
a) byte
b) bi-bytes
c) binary memory
d) binary digit

types of output?
a) text messages, audio, video, & soundtrack
b) text, graphix, sound, & DVD
c) graphics, text, video, & audio
d) text, data files, video, & graphics

diskette is another word for...
a) CD
b) hard disk
c) floppy disk
d) disk drive

the core for most monitors is
a) CRT
b) monitor cathode tube
c) images
d) pixels

byte is
a) eight bits grouped together as a unit
b) stores data
c) storage medium
d) data

smart card is
a) storage device
b) a chip
c) anothor term for floppy disk
d) stores data on a thin embedded processor

a chip is
a) small piece of semiconducting material usually no bigger than one-half-inch square
b) a storage device
c) an input device
d) eight bits grouped together as a unit

output is
a) data file
b) data stored in the CPU
c) data that has been processed into useful form
d) a word document

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