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An organ of the central nervous system, which has three distinct parts that all serve to control and coordinate the activities of the body.
a) spinal cord
b) liver
c) heart
d) brain

Part of the brain that controls thoughts, voluntary actions, and the sensations related to the five senses.
a) cerebrum
b) cerebellum
c) brain stem
d) peripheral nerves

Part of the brain that helps with balance and coordination
a) cerebrum
b) cerebellum
c) brain stem
d) spinal cord

Part of the brain that located at the base of the brain and controls vital and involuntary processes (for example, breathing, the beating of the heart, and digestion).
a) cerebrum
b) cerebellum
c) brain stem
d) spinal caord

A bundle of nerves that begins at the brain stem and continues down the center of the back through the vertebrae.
a) brain
b) spinal cord
c) peripheral nerves
d) brain stem

A network of nerves that branch out from the spinal cord and connect to the rest of the body and transmit signals to and from the brain through the spinal cord.
a) blood vessels
b) peripheral nerves
c) alveoli
d) small intestines

Voluntary muscles attached to bones and provide the force needed to move the bones;
a) skeletal muscles
b) smooth muscles
c) cardiac muscles
d) ligaments

Involuntary muscles that control many types of movement within the body (such as digestion)
a) skeletal muscles
b) smooth muscles
c) cardiac muscles
d) joints

Involuntary muscle that forms the heart
a) skeletal muscle
b) smooth muscle
c) cardiac muscle
d) tendons

These connect the skeletal muscles to bones
a) tendons
b) ligaments
c) cartiledge
d) bone

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