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Which conservation method will NOT conserve the soil?
a) conservation plowing
b) crop rotation
c) new construction

Which is a renewable resource?
a) coal
b) wood
c) natural gas

Which is NOT a type of electromagnetic energy?
a) x-rays
b) electricity
c) microwaves

Which of the following is NOT an example of a fossil fuel?
a) rock
b) petroleum
c) coal

The elliptical orbit of the Moon around Earth is due to which force?
a) mechanical force
b) chemical force
c) gravitational force

Striking a match changes mechanical energy into:
a) solar energy
b) thermal energy
c) nuclear energy

What causes the tides on Earth?
a) wind
b) moon
c) floods

When the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned, this is called:
a) lunar eclipse
b) solar eclipse
c) solstice

Why do some people think it is wrong to use coal to produce energy?
a) it is too expensive to buy
b) burning coal emits harmful waste
c) everybody loves coal and they want to be different

Which of the following is considered a renewable resource?
a) coal
b) oil
c) hydroelectric power

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