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A trait that will always be expressed in the phenotype, represented by capital letters.
a) dominant
b) chromosome
c) gene
d) recessive

A trait that will only be expressed in the phenotype if two recessive alleles are present, shown with lower case letters
a) dominant
b) phenotype
c) genotype
d) recessive

a tool used to predict the ratio or percentage of the possible genes that an offspring will have based on the genes of the parent.
a) microscope
b) litmus paper
c) Punnett Square
d) triple beam balance

Which of the following is purebred dominant?
a) TT
b) none of the above
c) tt
d) Tt

Which of the following is hybrid?
a) TT
b) none of the above
c) tt
d) Tt

Which of the following is purebred recessive?
a) TT
b) none of the above
c) tt
d) Tt

If all of the offspring are Mm in a Punnett Sqaure, what are the most likely genes of the parents?
a) MM and MM
b) mm and mm
c) MM and mm
d) Mm and Mm

A cross that shows the inheritance of a single characteristic is known as a ____.
a) Punnett square
b) dominant recessive trait
c) litmus test
d) monohybrid cross

A genetically determined characteristic that distinguishes one organism from another organism.
a) your reaction to being scared
b) environmental factor
c) inherited trait
d) learned behavior

Which of the following is caused by environmental factors vs. inherited traits?
a) My mom and three sisters have black hair.
b) A species of dogwood trees has leaves with the same shape.
c) Low temperature causes the leaves to be small on some plants.
d) A plant has red, pink, and white flowers.

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