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How much data can current personal computer hard disks store?
a) 10 GB TO 30 GB
b) MORE THAN 800
c) 400GB TO 650GB
d) 40GB TO 300GB

a) a cathode ray tube
b) a pixel
c) soft copy
d) a display device

On floppy disck,what is a sector?
a) a write protect notch
b) a narrow storage ring around the disk
c) a pie shaped sectionof the disk,which breaks tracks into small arcs.
d) the portion of the disk that connects to a floppy disck

What is the hard copy?
a) a printed information
b) information recorded on a compact disk
c) information recorded on a floppy disk
d) information that displays on a computer monitor

How much memory is equal to roughly 1,000 bytes?
a) a gigabyte
b) non of the above
c) a megabyte
d) a kilobyte

Which type of nonimpact printer?
a) ink-jet printer
b) non of the above
c) dot-pitch printer
d) multifunctional printer

What term describes a special word ,phrase,or code that a program understand as an instruction?
a) data
b) input
c) keyword
d) commond

which type of disk can store 100 to 750 MB of data?
a) a floppy disk
b) an HDTV
c) a zip disk
d) a backup disk

What part of a computer manages most of the computer's operations?
a) the chip
b) the byte
c) the motherborad
d) teh central processin unit

What term desribes eight bits grouped together as a unit?
a) a binary digit
b) as ASCII code
c) a bit unit
d) a byte

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