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Out of breath
a) gasping
b) pitch
c) doused
d) bow

a) langosta
b) gasping
c) scanning
d) stern

Lobster without claws
a) starboard
b) ballast
c) doused
d) langosta

The lifeboat Phillip and his mother were in spilled its passengers when...
a) the Hato lurched forward
b) it broke in half
c) it became tangled in the anchor

As the S.S. Hato sank, while in the water, Phillip...
a) could no longer see his mother
b) was hit on the head from above
c) fainted
d) cheered

Which of the following was not true about Timothy?
a) Phillip had never seen him before.
b) Phillip thought he was ugly.
c) He was over 70 years old.
d) His head was a mass of wiry gray hair.

Who said,
a) Timothy
b) Phillip
c) Grace
d) Phillip Enright Sr.

Who said,
a) Timothy
b) Phillip
c) Grace
d) Phillip Enright Sr.

Who said,
a) Phillip
b) Phillip Enright Sr.
c) Timothy
d) Grace

Phillip makes a shelter for them.
a) True
b) False

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