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What do state and federal consumer agencies have in common?
a) Both are government agencies
b) Both provide liability coverage to protect businesses against consumer complaints.
c) Both provide legal services to help consumers with problems when they need to file lawsuits
d) They have nothing in common

What do the FDA and the USDA have in common?
a) Both are state agencies.
b) Both helped develop nutrition guidelines for preschoolers.
c) Both regulate food products.
d) They have nothing in common

Which describes one way to make a direct complaint?
a) Demand a full refund
b) Find a salesperson to take your side
c) Make a scene to attract the attention of the store manager
d) State the problem clearly and concisely to an appropriate person

A popular exercise machine was recalled after several consumers experienced injuries while using the equipment. Which federal agency recalled the product?
a) Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
b) Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
c) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
d) United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Janet signed up to take a class on being a good consumer at her local credit union. Janet is exercising her consumer responsibility to:
a) be heard.
b) choose
c) learn.
d) seek redress.

Sarah purchased a new hair dryer and decided to use it while bathing. Sarah ignored the consumer responsibility to:
a) learn.
b) seek redress.
c) use information.
d) use products safely.

Which is an example of the consumer responsibility to promote a caring relationship with the world?
a) Buying a new lawnmower when the old one wouldn't start
b) Sending empty ink cartridges back to the company for recycling
c) Throwing plastic bottles in the trash can with other garbage
d) Using only plastic disposable cups

Which is an example of how to make a direct complaint?
a) Buying an ad in the local paper to publicize a problem with a local store
b) Picketing outside the grocery store that had sold her out-of-date milk
c) Telling a friend not to buy sunglasses from the sunglasses kiosk in the mall
d) Writing a letter to a district service manager to describe a defective product

When a remote control boat was placed in the lake, water seeped through the seams and the boat sank. The boat was returned for a refund. This is consumer responsibility to:
a) choose purchases carefully.
b) find and use information
c) speak up about legitimate dissatisfactions
d) use the product safely

Tara discovered that the computer software package she bought did not keep track of credit card purchases. The MOST LIKELY cause of her dissatisfaction was her failure to:
a) do product research.
b) follow manufacturer's instructions.
c) speak up about legitimate dissatisfaction
d) use the product safely.

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