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When was Charles Darwin born?
a) June 26th, 1809
b) February 12th, 1809
c) April 10th, 1809
d) December 9th, 18009

What was Darwin’s biggest unanswered question?
a) Were did birds come from?
b) How did the turtles get this big?
c) Were did humans revolve from?
d) How many people live away on different islands?

How many islands make up the Galapagos?
a) 15
b) 13
c) 5
d) 3

How long did darwin stay in the Galapagos?
a) 5 years
b) 5 weeks
c) 5 hours
d) 5 months

On each island what did all the birds have in common?
a) There beaks adapted to there environment.
b) They all make the same noises.
c) The birds claws are all the same.
d) They are all the same color tone.

What is a embryo
a) The functional basic unit of life
b) Life on Earth
c) A cell that develops into a creature.
d) Is the tough, usually flexible but sometimes fairly rigid layer

What did darwin notice had teeth in the earlier years but not in there adult years?
a) Birds
b) Turtles
c) snakes
d) Whales

What did Darwin notice about the human embryo and what conclusion did he gather from that?
a) Humans and turtles had common cycles.
b) Humans and fish had the same slitts under there neck , but there slitts were gills.
c) That iguanas shared the same body features as humans.
d) Birds have the same kind of genetic genes as humans.

How did Darwin feel when he went on his voyage to the Galapagos?
a) Frustrated because he didnt find what he was looking for?
b) He never made it to the islands.
c) He made it to the islands but didnt find anything he was looking for?
d) He was surprised about what information he gathered.

On his voyage , what birds did Darwin think he was collecting?
a) Owls
b) Humming Birds
c) Red Lory
d) Finches

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