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Whom or what did settlers come into more contact with as they began moving into the Back Country?
a) Cherokee
b) Settlers from other countries
c) Catawba
d) Diseases

What caused English settlers to seek a treaty with the Natives?
a) They were constantly attacking one another.
b) French fur traders moving into the upstate region.
c) Disagreements over land.
d) They were fighting over natural resources.

What was the primary cause of the Yemassee War?
a) The Commons House set aside land for the Yemassee nation.
b) The Yemassee left Florida and settled in South Carolina near present-day Beaufort.
c) A delegation sent by South Carolina Governor Charles Craven angered the natives.
d) The town of Beaufort was established in Yemassee territory.

How long did peace last between the Cherokee and the British following their treaty?
a) 5 years
b) 15 years
c) 30 years
d) 20 years

What was not a cause of the deterioration of the relationship between the British and Cherokee?
a) Soldiers began mistreating the Natives.
b) The French told the British that the Cherokee wanted their land.
c) Settlers began cheating the Cherokee.
d) Whites began killing and scalping the Natives and the Cherokee attacked settlements.

What was the focus of the disagreement between Britain & France that led to war in the colonies?
a) The murder of a French envoy by Natives accompanied by a young George Washington.
b) A disagreement over alliances with the Cherokee.
c) They both wanted prime land located in the Ohio River Valley.
d) A British fort was attacked by the French.

Which of the following was the most significant contributor to tensions between colonial & British troops?
a) lack of discipline on the part of the colonials
b) funding for war resources (during the war)
c) the prima donna attitude of British officers
d) leadership

What did France lose as a result of the Treaty of Paris?
a) All lands east of the Mississippi River only
b) Canada only
c) All Canadian possessions, most of its empire in India & claims to land east of the Mississippi River
d) Canada and lands east of the Mississippi River

What was not an effect of the French & Indian War on Britain?
a) It increased its colonial empire in the Americas.
b) It greatly enlarged Britain's debt.
c) It increased the visibility (awareness of) George Washington.
d) It strengthened relations between the colonials and Britain.

What was the first tax imposed on the colonials to help reduce Britian's F& I War debt?
a) Sugar Act
b) Stamp Act
c) Tea Act
d) Townshend Duties

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