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People should be governed by what most people want
a) Beccaria
b) Rousseau
c) Montesquieu
d) Adam Smith

Harsh punishments are bad
a) Beccaria
b) Rousseau
c) Montesquieu
d) Adam Smith

The government should stay out of peoples business
a) Beccaria
b) Rousseau
c) Montesquieu
d) Adam Smith

3 branches of government make sure one person doesn't have too much power
a) Beccaria
b) Rousseau
c) Montesquieu
d) Adam Smith

Which of these provided one of the main sparks that set off the American Revolution?
a) Stamp Act
b) The Constitution
c) Seven Years War
d) Slavery

Joseph is an example of what kind of monarch?
a) Absolute
b) Constitutional
c) Presidential
d) Executive

Which of these were used to gain an understanding of all life during the Enlightenment?
a) Microscopes & Scientists
b) Ignorance & the Stars
c) Printing Press & Indulgences
d) Reason & the Scientific Method

Which of these was not a way that Enlightenment ideas spread?
a) Salons
b) Magazines
c) Religion
d) Books

Which of these is not a reason Enlightenment rulers mostly refused to make sweeping changes?
a) Concern for their own power
b) Want to keep the nobles happy
c) Fear that slaves would take over
d) Want to expand their kingdoms

The Constitution & Bill of Rights were heavily influenced by which of these?
a) European Monarchies
b) Colombian Exchange
c) Slavery
d) The Enlightenment

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