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Which of these was a motivation for exploration and expansion?
a) Slaves
b) Dechristanization
c) Black Death
d) Spread of Religion

Vasco da Gama's new sea route to India opened up a new line of trade which netted him a profit from what good?
a) Animals
b) Silk
c) Spices
d) Slaves

How did Columbus feel about the natives of the America's?
a) Saw them as intelligent people to learn from
b) Saw them as people to convert to Christianity
c) He was excited that he had found new land and named it after his brother, Amerigo
d) He thought they were savages and he wanted nothing to do with them

Gold and Silver is the sole indicator of a nations prosperity according to which of these?
a) Mercantillism
b) Balance of Trade
c) Colombian Exchange
d) Republics

Trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas was known as what kind of trade?
a) Spice Trade
b) Middle Passage
c) Triangular Trade
d) Colombian Exchange

Which of these groups of things were exchanged during the Colombian Exchange?
a) Slaves & Slave Goods
b) Religions & Philosophies
c) Plants & Animals
d) Spices & Books

Having a balance of trade means that your are greater than your .
a) Imports; Exports
b) Exports; Imports
c) Men; Women
d) Kings; Queens

Out of all slave grown crops, which demanded the most labor?
a) Sugar
b) Tobacco
c) Corn
d) Rubber

Which of these gave a Spanish conquistador the right to use natives as slave labor?
a) Uno
b) Treaty of Tordesillas
c) Mercantillism
d) Encomienda

Which of these best describes a colony?
a) A person moving out west to start a new life by themselves
b) Settlement of people living in a new territory
c) A group of people making a new town in their home country
d) A person moving from the countryside to the city

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