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"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is a poem about
a) a man trying to find a meaningful relationship
b) a dirty city
c) a group of nasty women who talk about people behind their backs
d) a mermaid

The character of Prufrock is insecure about talking to the women because
a) he thinks they are nasty
b) he is worried they won\\\'t like his coat
c) his is balding and starting to age
d) he spilled peach juice on his shirt

Prufrock tells us there is time for indecisions and revisions. What does he mean by this?
a) He is writing a book and needs to revise it
b) He feels he needs to adjust his personality to be what the women want
c) He feels like he has all the time in the world to talk to them
d) He wants to change his outfit to look better

Why does he say he measures his life with coffee spoons?
a) He feels he does the same thing over and over each day
b) He likes coffee
c) He needs new spoons
d) He wants to drink coffee at the party

The city is described in the opening stanzas. What words best describe these stanzas?
a) Bright and cheerful
b) Clear and populated
c) Fun and interesting
d) Hazy and deserted

The overall tone of the poem is
a) interested and daring
b) insecure and alienated
c) alone but hopeful
d) friendly and fun

Prufrock imagines having a relationship in the poem; he concludes it will
a) finally make him happy
b) allow him to be himself
c) give him a chance to live in the country
d) still leave him feeling alone and alienated

The men he sees leaning out of the windows in the city also feel
a) alone
b) annoyed
c) bored
d) old

What does Prufrock really want to do if he dared to do it?
a) Get hair plugs
b) Talk to the women
c) Go to the gym to bulk up
d) Drink coffee

Prufrock demonstrates these characteristics of modernism
a) feelings of connection with nature
b) reason and order
c) celebration of individual, imagination
d) alienation, concern with sub-conscious, use of allusion

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