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What type of device can capture electronically an entire page of text or image?
a) monitor
b) scanner
c) trackball
d) digital camera

What term describes a special word, phrase, or code that a program understands as an intructions?
a) data
b) command
c) keyword
d) input

What can a CD-ROM contain?
a) text
b) graphics
c) animation and sound
d) all of the above

Which is a type of magnetic disk?
a) 3.5 inch disk
b) zip disk
c) hard drive
d) all of the above

Which is a type of nonimpact printer?
a) ink-jet printer
b) multifunction prunter
c) dol-pitch printer
d) all of the aboveWhich

What does a keyboard allow users to do?
a) enter input
b) manipulate data into information
c) create extra storage in a computer
d) increases a computers output

The content of which type of memory are lost when a user turns off the computer?
a) dual inline memory
b) loss memory
c) nonvolatile memory
d) volatile memory

What part of the computer manages most of the computers operation?
a) the chip
b) the central processing unit
c) the motherboard
d) the byte

What is the binary system?
a) system of using codinng schemes to represent data on a personal computer
b) system of grouping bits together into bytes
c) a numeric system that has just 2 unique number digits, 0 and 1
d) a number system based on 10

What is the term for the memory chips in a system unit?
a) volatile memory
b) random access memory
c) dual inline memory
d) read only memory

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