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Control of the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits was a strategic objective in both World War I and World War II because these straits
a) Link Africa to Europe
b) Allow waterway passage into Germany
c) Separate Italy from the Balkan peninsula
d) Provide access from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea

Which term is often used to describe the actions of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Pol Pot in Cambodia?
a) Nonalignment
b) Neocolonialism
c) Scorched-earth policy
d) Genocide

One characteristic of a totalitarian state is that
a) Minority groups are granted many civil liberties
b) Several political parties run the economic system
c) Citizens are encouraged to criticize the government
d) The government controls and censors the media

One reason that Britain and France agreed to appease Hitler at the Munich Conference was to
a) Prevent the start of another world war
b) Stop the Nazis from invading the Soviet Union
c) Obey an order from the League of Nations
d) Obtain advanced German military weapons in exchange

The Treaty of Versailles angered many Germans after World War I because the treaty
a) Divided Germany into Communist and non-communist zones
b) Made Germany restore its emperor
c) Required all German- speaking Europeans to return to Germany
d) Forced Germany to pay large war reparations

Which situation was a direct result of the Holocaust and other atrocities committed by the Nazis during World War II?
a) Development of the Cold War
b) War crimes trials in Nuremberg
c) Formation of the League of Nations
d) Separation of Germany into Eastern and Western zones

One reason the Fascist governments of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler came to power in Italy and Germany was that these nations
a) Were threatened by the United States
b) Supported civil liberties for all
c) Failed to join the League of Nations
d) Faced economic and political difficulties

One reason the Japanese followed a policy of expansionism before World War II was to gain
a) Warm-water ports
b) Control of Tibet
c) Additional natural resources
d) Control of the Suez Canal

How did geography affect both Napoleon’s invasion and Hitler’s invasion of Russia?
a) Deserts made invasion possible
b) The climate created obstacles to success
c) The tundra enabled the movements of troops
d) Warm-water ports prevented the flow of supplies

The Nuremberg Trials are considered an important event in the 20th century because they
a) brought an end to genocide
b) condemned the use of nuclear weapons
c) ruled on provisions for the postwar occupation of Germany
d) established principles of responsibility for human rights violations

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