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When we first meet Phillip he and his family are living on the island of...?
a) Curacao
b) Kent Island
c) Jamicia
d) Aruba

Henrick is Phillip's best friend and he is...
a) American
b) Dutch
c) English
d) A native of Curacao

Who attacks the ships near the island where Phillip lives during the night?
a) France
b) The United States
c) England
d) Germany

The S.S. Hato and Empire Tern are attacked by...
a) airplanes
b) battleships
c) u-boats
d) tanks

The island where Phillip lives is important to the enemy because...
a) the oil refineries
b) supply of weapons
c) supply of fresh water
d) bananas

Phillip finds himself on a raft with...
a) Timothy and Grace
b) Nobody
c) Timothy and Stew Cat
d) Timothy and his dad

Timothy and Phillip had all of the following things available to eat while they were on the island except.
a) bananas
b) coconuts
c) langosta
d) fish

In historical fiction ___________ is the most improtant literary element.
a) plot
b) characters
c) setting
d) resolution

"The Cay" is an example of historical fiction because it takes place during...
a) The Great Depression
b) World War I
c) Now
d) World War II

As they prepared to leave the boat, Phillip's mother was...
a) scared
b) nervous
c) calm
d) happy

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