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A printer is
a) something that prints
b) a storage space
c) a fruit
d) a lemon

A monitor is
a) a screen
b) a lizzard
c) a lion
d) an apple

Audio and video
a) speech sound effects
b) process of entering a video
c) Recording device
d) all of the above

Pointing devices are
a) devices that point
b) pointers
c) sisters
d) brothers

A keyboard is
a) a group of switches resembling the keys on a typewriter
b) a piano
c) a mother
d) a flower

a) stores temporary information
b) a brain
c) a piece of wood
d) weather forecast

CPU and processor
a) a family
b) friends of the arts
c) fruitcakes
d) interprets and carries out the basic instructions

Bits and Bytes
a) candies
b) chocolates
c) are units with two discrete states: on and off
d) grapes

The system unit is...
a) a box-like case that houses electrical components that a computer uses.
b) a dog-house
c) a duplex
d) a farm

a) data
b) Refers to the media on which data, instructions and information are kept
c) yesterday
d) backwards

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