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What is the term for the memory chips in a system unit?
a) random access memory
b) read-only memory
c) dual inline memory
d) volatile memory

Which term describes a special word, phrase, or code that a program understands as an intruction?
a) data
b) command
c) keyword
d) input

What term describes circuit boards that add new devices or capabilities to a computer?
a) adapter cards
b) all of the abve
c) expansion cards
d) expansion boards

What type of device can capture electronically an entire page of text or images?
a) a scanner
b) a digital camera
c) a trackball
d) a monitor

The resolution of a monitor is directly related to what?
a) the number of pixels the monitor can display
b) the speed with which the monitor redraws images on the screen
c) the distance between each pixel on the monitor
d) its refresh rate

Which is a type of magnetic disk?
a) a Zip disk
b) all of the above
c) a 3.5-inch disk
d) a hard disk

What is hard copy?
a) informaion that displays on a computer monitor
b) printed information
c) information recorded on a floppy disk
d) information recorded on a compact disc rewritable

What is a sector on a floppy disk?
a) the portion of the disk that connects to a floppy disk
b) a write protect notch
c) a narrow storage ring around the disk
d) a pie shaped section of the disk, which breaks tracks into small arcs

What does the term "bit" stand for?
a) byte digit
b) binary byte
c) backup digit
d) binary digit

How many clock cycles does a computer have per second if it operates at 5 gigahertz?
a) five billion
b) five
c) fifty thousand
d) five million

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